Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aaron Kraten Spotlight.

Aaron Kraten is an artist whose work has been creating quite a buzz around the art world for quite some time now. His style is very unique and very much his own, utilizing his characters, mixed media, photographs and any other randomness he may want to add to his work. He was voted artist of the year by OCWeekly a couple years ago, his work has been featured in many galleries around the world.

It is my pleasure to introduce the first Aaron Kraten feature on Tiny Avenger. - Jose Cerda

Iconic girl that has cemented AK's work into the art world.
Acrylic, mixed media, photographs, chips on wood.

"Funeral Party"
Acrylic, mixed media, on canvas.

"Recording lights"
Oil, mixed media, randomness

TA: A little bit about yourself?
AK: I am an Artist and all Around Goofball.

TA: Where did you grow up?
AK: Huntington Beach California

TA: When did you discover your talent as an artist? Any art schools, artist in the family?
AK: I have been drawing since I was a wee lad. I took art classes in high school beside that no formal training. My sister is creative beside that no.

TA: You have created quite an incredible style for yourself with no formal train.
AK: Thanks

TA: Preferred mediums?
AK: I dig mixed media, Acrylic, oils, Spray paint and whatever else I can find to add to the mix.

TA: Inspirational Artist past or present?
AK: Early on I was influenced by comic book art, especially Geoff Darrow and Brian Bolland. In high school I really got into skateboard graphics, like the stuff Mark Gonzales was creating for Vision. I have always enjoyed going to museums and looking at art as well as looking at graffiti on the way home after school from Ocean View.

TA: Where and how often do you show your work?
AK: I have been showing a minimum of twice per year, though oftentimes more since 2000. I have shown in various spaces around the world. I've had the opportunity to own and operate my gallery, "Gallery 23" for a year in 2000, in Costa Mesa, Ca. I was given the space on a loan from the owner of the property, where I exhibited local emerging artist along with my own work. Running a gallery of my own a really enriching and wonderful experience as I was able to learn hands on about the art business from both the gallery and artist perspective. I was also chosen in the summer of 2001 to occupy a live/work space for four months, cumulating in my largest one man show to date at Seven Degrees, in the Laguna Canyon, Laguna Beach, Ca, Last year I traveled to Germany, where my work was exhibited in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin in conjunction with Haye, who is currently producing my work into puzzles and calendars. Also, for the past three years I have been a part of the annual MoCA benefit show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Los Angeles. It's very cool have been selected to show my art there, I have always really loved the MoCA.

TA: It just shows that passion and drive will take you in the direction you want to go.

"Sleep Over"
AK Sketch, markers on paper

Aaron having a man size Bier in Germany.

Oil, random scraps on wood
TA: Interest outside of Art/ Painting?AK: I like to skateboard. I really dig Japanese bullet hell shooter video games. Analog Synthesizer.
TA: Favorite Places traveled, places hoping to travel?
AK: Germany was really fun, I would love to go to Japan.
TA: Past times you wish you did more of?
AK: Skateboarding, there aren't any skateparks that are nearby and most spots are a bust.
TA: When fun is outlawed only outlaws will have fun.

TA: Favorite writers, books, websites, blogs?
AK: Bill Sienkiewicz "Stray Toasters" is a great book. I also dig "Hard Boiled" by Frank Miller.
TA: What's next for AK?
AK: Hopefully making larger work and showing more internationally.

TA: Well the best of luck to you with your endeavors, you seem to be doing a great job thus far.

TA: Thanks to:
AK: Thanks to my wife Erin Kraten for being so radical.

AK ART Forever!

Loyal fans!

Acrlic, Mixed media on canvas.

Oil, mixed media on wood

"Sig Girl 23"
Oil, spray paint, mixed media, random material

Aaron knows how to light things up.

"Wax Poetic" AK Solo Show

Aaron snapping an ollie in his Doc Martins at Murdy Park in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Keep a look out for Aaron Kraten, he may be coming to your town if your lucky.

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Tijuana Alley Art"


Last Saturday March 9th I had the honor to attend "Tijuana Alley Art" a journey of photographer/ writer Jill Marie Holslin through the artistic jungle that is Tijuana, Mexico. The show featured her photos along with works from Tijuana Street Artist, Once Cero Dos, Panca, Spel Uno Hem, and many others that work was photographed throughout Tijuana.

The show took place at VISUAL art Studio in San Diego. I was actually quite blown away by what VISUAL Owner Jason has going on, its an art supply store / gallery and he carries the best of the best products. Hats off Jason, your store is next level. Along with everything, there is street art in every corner of the store, I didn't have one dull moment. - Jose Cerda

The show ends April 7th so there is still time to check it out,

3524 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA. 92116    (619) 501-5585

With wheatpaste art & paintings by Tijuana artists: 1102, Panca, and Spel
Teodora Craft beer by Francisco J. Garcia of Tijuana
The concept of my exhibition is to explore—through my photos— “that which remains” in the alleys of Tijuana. Often, graffiti writers arrive at a spot to paint, they paint, and they leave, and they don’t come back again. “That which remains” can be the remembered image, the photograph, or a video of painting, or even the stories we tell and continue to tell. In this way, “that which remains” links space and time—the past, present and future of a space remains inscribed on the wall. The photograph participates in the history of these urban spaces, documenting these ephemeral expressions of everyday life.
- Jill Marie Holslin

                            Once Cero Uno, marker on paper

        Once Cero Uno, Wheat Paste Up, hand drawn and painted.

        One Cero Uno, Wheat Paiste Up, hand drawn and painted.

           Photo of One Cero Dos's work photo by Jill Marie Holslin

                                             "El Norteno" 


                                         "Spel Uno Hem"

                           Photographer / Curator Jill Marie Holslin

                       Visual Gallery / Storefront Owner Jason

                                      Artist: Spel Uno Hem

                                           Artist: Panca


                                           Panca Art!

                                Spel Uno Hem. screenprints

                                Acrylic paintings by Panca

                                       S.U.H. getting busy.


                                             Show Flier


        One Cero Uno, Wheat Paiste Up, hand drawn and painted.

                                          Liquitex Paints!

                                 Get some gum and besa me!

                                 Jose Cerda lurking in el bano.

                                        Golden Products!

                                           Spel Uno Hem

                                  Once Uno Dos and quest

           The Greatest Art Supply Store in San Diego: VISUAL!

                           PRISMACOLOR Premier Products

                                           Random Arte!

                                      Visual Propaganda!

This had nothing to do with the show, but it was fun to look at in the restroom.

                                    Skateboarding and Art!

                                                El Bano!


                                      Random Restroom Art

                          Jill Marie Holslin mission statement.

I hope you enjoyed, it was a pleasure, thank you VISUAL, Jill Marie Holslin, Once Cero Dos, Panca and Spel Uno Hem